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Why We Behave The Way We Do
Behavioral Styles | Emotional Intelligence | Personality and Conflict Management | Building Resiliency
Understand 'Why We Behave The Way We Do' in order to build cooperation, acceptance, and teamwork.
Experience the value of facilitating different personalities, developing more Emotional Intelligence and its application to professional, as well as personal, situations.
Interactive Learning Sessions
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Introduction to Behavioral Styles and Personality
Understand how to work more effectively with all types of people. Gain better cooperation, acceptance, and trust between co-workers and leaders.
Includes computer-generated self-assessment
Sessions can include additional applications and focus on Communication and Feedback
Individuals learn additional ways of interacting more effectively with co-workers, clients and customers.
Includes self and group assessment using the Johari Window’s Method of Disclosure and Feedback and skills practice with feedback on communication style using a feedback model.
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Increase your level of comfort in resolving conflict
Define Conflict
Explore your approach to handling conflict
Increase the level of comfort in Resolving Conflict
Plan strategies for Resolving Conflict
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The EQ-i 2.0 measures emotional intelligence [EI] and how it can impact people and the workplace. Applications of emotional intelligence include:
Leadership Development
Executive Coaching
Team Building
Organizational Development
Student Development
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Discover why…
“When Confronted with life’s hardships, some people snap and others snap back.”
By experiencing this powerful process, participants gain a greater understanding of how their mental outlook can determine their ability to more effectively ‘Rise to Life Challenges’ vs. sinking into the abyss of uncertainty and insecurity.
Leaders of change must influence three things:
Heads (thinking)
Hearts (emotions)
Environment (situation / path)
The Middle!
Not be a Stage (or Step) Model
Deal with Lack of Clarity
Focus on Actions
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