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Resolving Conflict
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using the CDP [Conflict Dynamics Profile]

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Conflict Dynamics Profile [CDP] - What Are Your Hot Buttons?

The CDP focuses on conflict behaviors, not styles. Since behaviors are more susceptible to change, the CDP is designed to bring tangible improvements to a person's performance.

What are the benefits of using the CDP?

Provides a strategy for addressing workplace conflict
Improves individual and team performance
Reduces management time spent dealing with conflict
Increases leadership capabilities by developing stronger conflict resolution skill
Builds a win-win conflict culture

When should the CDP be used?

Leaders spending too much time dealing with conflict
Team efficiency is compromised
Organizational culture is undergoing change
Productivity is decreasing
New leaders need improved conflict resolution skills

The Conflict Dynamics Profile® is explicitly based on a behavioral orientation. That is, rather than try to identify conflict ‘styles’ — which represent a combination of behavior, personality, and motivation that can be difficult to change — we made the decision to focus exclusively on the behaviors people typically display when faced with conflict. We made this choice for two reasons.

First, focusing on specific sets of behaviors would allow detailed examination, and subsequently greater understanding, of how people typically respond to conflict.

Second, an explicit behavioral approach, we believed, would provide especially useful information to individuals whose goal is to change.

The CDP is also available in both self-assessment and multi-rater versions [360°]
with the latter including feedback delineated among boss, peers, and direct reports.

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