Everything DiSC Workplace Sample
Cultural Transformation
Cultural Transformation — General Overview
What the organization should look and behave like when this Process has achieved its goal
Demonstrate understanding of the behaviors [skills] as defined by The CULTURAL TRANSFORMATION PROCESS Vision, including the necessary leadership learning to support the initiative
Clearly and passionately communicate the philosophy and vision of The CULTURAL TRANSFORMATION PROCESS
Understand how each employee’s behaviors and attitudes are currently perceived and create an action plan to align perception with expected behaviors and attitudes
Understand the importance and demonstrate the ability to create effective win-win partnerships
Understand the consequences [good and bad] of aligning with The CULTURAL TRANSFORMATION PROCESS vision and its relationship to performance development and appraisal
Develop and introduce a model of The CULTURAL TRANSFORMATION PROCESS
Provide a vehicle for comprehensive behavioral feedback and coaching to initiate change
Create opportunities to clarify expected CULTURAL TRANSFORMATION PROCESS behaviors through skill building
Provide resources and support to help leaders sustain momentum
Provide training on new behaviors and skills
Provide safe forums for communicating progress on meeting overall objectives
Review proposal and clarify direction for process; communicate adjustments necessary
Outline the structure that identifies who will be involved in building / implementing the process
Establish a timeline for the various phases
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