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Inclusive Environment (Beyond Diversity)
The world is your hiring field and marketplace. Your employees and customers will come from different backgrounds. Although we should revel in our differences, without an understanding of these differences, it is difficult to create an effective team.
Interactive Learning Sessions
Learn to trust and respect each other to build high-performance teams.
Expand the leader's and team member's knowledge of how to have everyone in their area feel like a valued part of the work group.
A common-sense approach to leveraging the realities of your workforce, customers, clients and community
Understand the differences between Diversity and establishing an Inclusive Environment
Explore the impact of our interactions
Identify the link between Leadership and Leading an Inclusive Environment
Learn the ‘OOOH’ techniques and other strategies to reinforce ‘openness’ and ‘consistency’ in leading others
Designed for participants who already have a basic understanding of diversity in the workplace and who wish to focus on specific communication skills related to diversity
Increase skills and comfort in communicating, learning and coaching others in diversity-related situations
Includes a personal assessment and group practice with real-life diversity issues 
SCANNING the ENVIRONMENT for Diversity Challenges and Opportunities *
An interactive activity and discussion on diversity-related opportunities and challenges within the organization
Increase leadership’s ability to scan the environment looking for issues, needs or opportunities that are important to the company’s success in a diverse world
Includes the DiversiScan™ tool to identify diversity-related indicators within a typical organizational landscape
Strategic coaching with senior leadership
Provides subject-matter experts as needed to support the transition to fully integrating inclusive environment strategies into your organization
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