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Glenn Brome | Facilitative Leadership Overview
FACILITATIVE LEADERSHIP is an enlightened style of Leadership
where the Leader guides the development of a group or team.
This is accomplished by using participatory techniques that combine the role of Facilitator and Leader. The Facilitative Leader assists the team in establishing interpersonal skills that allow them to ultimately improve performance. Information is shared, and processes for new ideas on improving business are generated, following input from team members. Overall, there is an atmosphere of trust and respect that is essential for developing high-performance teams and organizations.
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Each of our Facilitative Leadership components are discussed in an interactive session, including:
'Why We Behave The Way We Do’
Using the DiSC® Dimensions of Behavior Assessment
Resolving Conflict
What if you could clearly identify specific behaviors that you use — that actually cause conflict to Escalate as well as behaviors that can have the effect of Reducing Conflict?
Emotional Intelligence [EI]
Become more Aware of our Emotions and how to better Manage our reactions in stressful situations
Building Resiliency
Discover why…
“When Confronted with life’s hardships, some people snap and others snap back”
Learn how to create and maintain an ‘Inclusive Environment: Beyond Diversity’
Service Urgency!
Focus on the key role leaders play in assuring high-quality service — create a sense of
Service Urgency! in all employees
Holding Everyone Accountable
Practical techniques and exploration of a Process on how to Hold Everyone Accountable, including Yourself!
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