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Mentoring: An Opportunity for Self-Improvement

A process for introducing or standardizing Mentoring in your organization.

We help you prepare your employees for the opportunity to add greater value to your workplace and themselves!

We work with key strategists to formulate the best process for internalizing Mentoring to become
[or enhance being] a part of your culture.

Explore the role of the Mentor, including the most effective method for determining the best ‘pairing’ of Mentor and Mentee or Protégé
Discuss the phases of an effective Mentoring initiative: Building the Relationship; Exchanging Information and Setting Goals; Working Towards Goals / Deepening the Engagement;
and Concluding the Formal Relationship and Planning for the Future
Concludes with a complete ‘Turnkey’ Mentoring Process — including a roll-out plan
with Mentor / Protégé / Coordinator Texts and Train-the-Trainer sessions for Coordinators
to locally train both Mentors and Protégés
Additional Organizational Benefits:
Helps to resolve such challenges as premature departure, stagnation, boredom and lack
of qualified people
Creates better agreement for employees with their career progress and more overall satisfaction from their work
Increases organizational communication and understanding through the ability to interact with individuals from different areas of the organization
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